Friday, March 1, 2013

February Blogging Breakdown

For the new year, I wanted to try blogging more, and February was an especially scheduled month. For comparison, January:

  • 31 days
  • 17 posts on personal blog
    • 14 posts about Sneakers
  • 5 posts on Voyager Comics Online blog
  • 7 total days without blogging (77%)
And February:

  • 28 Days
  • 20 posts on personal blog
    • 4 in New New Thing
    • 4 in overwatching
    • 4 in Indy 4
    • 3 in Rediscovering Cordwainer Smith
    • 2 in media
    • 2 in writerly
    • 1 in podcasts
  • 4 posts on Voyager Comics Online blog
  • 4 total days without blogging (86%)
My blogging on Voyager Comics Online has been pretty steady since I set up my "every Wednesday" schedule. But in February I tried to blog every day but Saturday. The result: a lot of blog posts, some extra reading (so that I would have something to blog about), and less free time.

The discoveries from this are all pretty obvious--or would be to anyone smart--but I still had to do it to as an experiment to find them out: Blogging six days out of seven is slightly too much, but having a schedule does help keep one on track. So for March, I think I'll try out blogging on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday (at Voyager Comics Online), and Friday. Off to update the 2013 Resolution Spreadsheet.

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