Friday, July 12, 2013

Short story read-aloud, week 18

Beneath Ceaseless Skies

M. Bennardo, "The Penitent": A man in a prison discovers he's the only one left. Mmm... okay... but I've seen isolation fiction done better.

Lightspeed and Nightmare 

Caspian Gray, "Centipede Heartbeat": A woman thinks her partner is full of centipedes and tries to figure out a way to kill the centipedes without killing the woman. There's a moment at the end where it seems like the centipedes may be real, but the rest of the story is just the claustrophobic view of a well-meaning schizophrenic.

Cast of Wonders (Protecting Project PulpTales to TerrifyStarship Sofa)

Allison Littlewood, "4 a.m. When the Walls Are Thinnest": A man figures out how to use the Indian rope trick to escape from prison, but is required to pay the price--or something. It's interesting, with the protagonist getting stories/lied to from Stumpy, but at some point it runs out of steam.

Yvonne Navarro, "I Know What To Do": A divorced man who dislikes his ex-wife finds a weird cockroach monster in his apartment (otherwise very clean thanks to his clean-obsessed new wife) and sends it to the ex-wife, solving his alimony problems.

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