Monday, August 26, 2013

Lone Star Con! My first con: a preview

This week, the World Science Fiction Convention begins; and this year it's in San Antonio, which is why it's called Lone Star Con. (Technically, Lone Star Con 3--because it's been here twice before. Though, that said, I can only find one previous time in Texas, in 1995.)

The World Science Fiction Convention, or WorldCon, is the big literature-based science fiction convention; and by "big" I mean "old" (since 1939) and "important" (since that's where the Hugo Awards are given). But times, they are a-changing or a-something. What with increasing importance of multi-media at such cons as San Diego Comic-Con, WorldCon might be on a slow slide to niche status.

Or maybe not. I'm going this year, so I'd hate people to look back at this time period and say, "that's where it started going wrong." And now that I've looked at the convention schedule, it looks like there are many interesting panels and events. So this is a short post to say "I am going to the convention" and "I'm looking forward to it." Tune in next week for my post-con report. (Which hopefully will be more interesting.)

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