Friday, January 24, 2014

Some little experience in self-publishing

And I do mean "little." As part of NaNoWrimo in November, I blew off some steam/pressure over projects that I cared a lot about by writing some silly little things that I didn't care about all that much. Not to mince words, I wrote some ridiculous romance.

(And why not? Though there's a certain tendency towards conservative gender relations in romance, there's also the possibility for feminist and sex-positive work. Still, while I think this genre is OK, I have no personal attachment to it--no favorite authors to impress (or beat), no worries about repeating tropes, no dreams of being a great romance author.)

Then, for some extra fun, in December, I decided to put these two stories I wrote on Amazon. (It's what all the kids are doing these days.) Not under my own name, of course, but under a pseudonym. (And my first choice was already taken!) And I even sold a couple of stories?

So what have I discovered through this whole process? A lot of little things so far: how to make my own covers from free images online and where to get cheap, semi-pro covers; how to upload stories to Amazon and how to add tags and create an author page; how to create a Kindle file in Scrivener. In other words, I know all the basics to selling ebooks on Amazon.

Now I've just got to get to writing stuff.

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