Monday, August 11, 2014

Home, but soon away

Again, a boring little meta post to explain why I don't have a big critical post up about The Guardians of the Galaxy. (Short: it was fun, with some caveats.) I am now home--not my NY home, where my parents live and where I grew up, but my San Angelo home, with my girlfriend and dog.

And in a few weeks, I will be leaving his home for a few months, to take an immersive web development course in Austin. After debating about accommodations and sublets, I've decided to go with the simplest and most social option of staying in the DevHouse, the student-dorm-lite-like house owned by one of the founders of the program.

There's some definite down-sides to this choice--they don't allow pets, so if Sarah and the puppy come to visit, we'll have to find somewhere else to stay for a weekend; but since I have a wide stay-at-home/introvert streak, I wanted something that would combat that and make socializing (and late-night coding) an easy option.

Still, a nagging question: should I get a shower caddy?

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