Monday, September 29, 2014

Games people play and/or make

Last week, in my coding/web development class, we not only had to make a Checkers game in Javascript, but for our first hackathon, many people went ahead and created computer games, including a computer version of Speed. Which I guess is kind of like Spit, which is what we played in the Blattberg house.

All of which led to a discussion of card games at the DevHouse, which led to a long night of Cards Against Humanity (with a little Egyptian Ratscrew on the side, for nostalgia's sake). And being as we're all web developers in training, it wasn't long before we started proposing alternate rules and hacks. So, for your edification and annoyance, I present, a few strange ideas/sub-ideas for Cards Against Humanity.

  1. Throw a random white card in with everyone's choices
    1. Give the Card Czar the black card if they guess the random white card
  2. Let anyone throw in two white cards, but cost them a point if neither of their cards are chosen.
  3. Play card-on-the-forehead-style, where the Card Czar doesn't get to see their card, but has to infer it from the option given.
  4. ...
Actually, I guess we didn't have too many ideas for hacks/add-ons to the game. Not so easy to come up with ideas when most of the game is focused on coming up with some ridiculous and awful materials.

Though I think my favorite combo of the night was when the players were asked "What is Batman's guilty pleasure?" and the winning answer was "Vigilante justice."

I just love the idea of Batman talking to people (while he beats them up, probably), saying, "Oh, don't tell anyone about this, it's sort of my guilty pleasure."

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