Monday, February 9, 2015

Ethno... are we still doing this?: Christine McKeever's "le mix francais summer 99"

I'm not making up the title for this mix. Really, I should probably write it like "lemixfrancais," because:

Christine, you may need to correct me on this, but I seem to remember that this picture--

--was something I took in France and used on your mix. Is that correct?

(For those keeping track of how old I was when I got these mixes: while most of them are high school-era, this would've been after sophomore year of college, I guess--which, hey, was the summer I went to France to study French!)

(One minor note about that: when I got my French report card from the Institut de Touraine, my teacher noted that I hesitated and ummed and repeated myself; to which my college friend responded that he didn't think it fair for her to mark me down for that, since I did the same thing in English.)

I think this is my photo, which is why I want to make sure that no one judges Christine for the cover. There's nothing really choco or crack related to the mix; but it is very French. Or at the very least--

--it starts French--

Side A:

  1. Air, "La femme d'argent"
  2. Bjork, "Human Behavior"
  3. Soul Coughing, "Blue-Eyed Devil"
  4. Leftfield, "Release the Dubs"
  5. The Pixies, "Wave of Mutilation (surfer mix)"
  6. Violent Femmes, "Color Me Once"
  7. Franklin, "Major Taylor"
  8. Radiohead, "Meeting in the Aisle"
  9. Josh Wink, "Autumn Dayz"
  10. Cornelius, "Windy Hill"

Side B

  1. Grieg, "Aases's Death"
  2. Morphine, "I'm Free Now"
  3. Moby, "So"
  4. REM, "Lotus"
  5. Squarepusher, "Iambic 5 Poetry"
  6. My Bloody Valentine, "Joan"
  7. Massive Attack, "Daydreaming (blacksmith remix)"
  8. They Might Be Giants, "In the Flowers"
  9. Yves Montand, "Rue St. Vincent"

--and it ends French.

And the stuff in the middle is its own thing. There are some undeniable great songs / bands on here, like Bjork, whom I love almost enough to put the energy into putting the umlaut over the "o." (I'm a type nerd, but I'm typing lazy, go figure.) And also, while I own all the Pixies discography, whenever I think of "Wave of Mutilation," I think of this particular remix.

Even though there's not a huge overlap between this mix and the soundtrack to The Crow--just Violent Femmes, really--I feel like this is a good time to mention how much I liked that soundtrack, which I might have bought or might have taped off of Christine's copy.

I'm now realizing that this all probably does not fall under fair use. What's the legality of mixtapes?

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  1. This must have been a photo you took, because at this point I was using a photoshop template to make all mixtape covers. I was/am a supreme dork. Also, this template allowed me to type the track listing because of my horrible, horrible handwriting. I'm sort of cringing at some of the choices, but really this couldn't be a better representation of the stuff I listened to in 1999.