Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Ethno-music.. etc.: The punk mixtapes, 1: Mike Pace's "Ben Blattburg Looks Just Like Jesus Christ"

The title for this mixtape probably only makes sense if you remember that I had shoulder-length hair in high school; and also a penchant for knocking over the tables of money-changers. In my memory, this is probably the first mixtape given to me by one of my friends who listened to punk / ska.

Back then, I was a bit of "musical orphan," which is the phrase I used even then to describe how I didn't really have a musical thing--no one band or type of music that I always liked. Which somehow translated into me being a target for musical evangelists. So I'm sure Mike Pace was joking when he wrote this--

--but there's an element of truth to that. What he wrote on side B, however--

--was just a joke about the band my brother had in high school, and which my friends often liked to joke about back then.

This mix is from high school (and, if memory serves, includes a clip of Mike Pace as DJ at the high school radio station). So what music was I being evangelized about back then?

  1. Minor Threat: I don't wanna hear it
  2. Minor Threat: Small man, big mouth
  3. Rocket from the Crypt: Sturdy wrists
  4. Screeching Weasel: I was a high school psychopath
  5. The Queers: Ben Weasel
  6. The Vandals: Summer Lovin'
  7. Rancid: Detroit
  8. Down by Law: 500 Miles
  9. Slayer: Dittohead
  10. SOD: Ballad of Jimi Hendrix
  11. Voodoo Glow Skulls: Insubordination
  12. Man or Astroman?: Destination Venus
  13. Bouncing Souls: Neurotic
  14. Downset: Holding Hands
  15. They Might Be Giants: Whirlpool
  16. Mighty Mighty Bosstones: Someday I suppose
  17. Ice-T: Ed
  18. Beck: Fuckin' with my head
  19. Sloppy Seconds: It finally happened
  20. Mighty Mighty Bosstones: Dogs and Chaplains
  21. Social Distortion: Makin' Believe
  22. Cracker: Can I take my gun to heaven?
  23. Rancid: Nihilism
  24. Rev. Horton Heat: Bullet
  25. Paul Simon: Crazy Love, Vol II
  26. Rocket from the Crypt: Ditch Digger
  27. Total Chaos: Babylon
  28. Operation Ivy: Knowledge
  29. MU330: Hoosier Love
  30. Mule: Charger
  31. Ween: Pumpin' 4 the man
  32. Silent Majority: Knewsong
  33. Propagandhi: Ska sucks
  34. Mighty Mighty Bosstones: Where'd you go?
  35. Down by Law: Sam
  36. Government Issue: I'm James Dean
  37. SOD: Diamonds & Rust
  38. SOD: Hey Gordy!
I loved my mixtapes a lot, but this first one doesn't hold up as well. Or rather, there are some songs and bands here that I would listen to at the drop of a record needle. Who doesn't like Paul Simon and the Reverend Horton Heat? At the same time, I'm not sure SOD ("Stormtroopers of Death") have come up in my memory any time in the last decade.

Also, how much do I love that a good friend in high school misspelled my last name? A LOT.

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