Monday, December 15, 2014

Ethno-music0-historico-biography: My cassette collection! Cruisin' Classics, Vol III

I recently sold my car--my '96 Honda Accord, that I've had since '01. This was my first car and I really wanted to keep it forever. Largely because it had a tape player and I have a lot of tapes that are irreplaceable.

But, alas, the car wasn't going to make it around the world with me. (Note: I have no plans to go around the world via car. Yet.) So now I have nothing to play my tapes in. But I still got those tapes. And, yeah, I am definitely going to tell you about them. Starting with the tape that was probably in my possession the longest:

This tape is from a promotion at Shell. I think my family had several volumes of this--this is Vol. III, and it's clearly the best. Look at the playlist! (Or... song list? What did we call the list of songs on a cassette?)

If you can't make out the pictures, the songs are

  1. Chuck Berry -- Johnny B. Goode
  2. Jerry Lee Lewis -- Great Balls of Fire
  3. The Everly Brothers -- All I have to do is dream
  4. The Temptations -- My Girl
  5. Rick Nelson -- Travelin' Man
  6. Buddy Holly -- That'll Be the Day
  7. Fats Domino -- Blueberry Hill
  8. The Chiffons -- He's So Fine
  9. The Four Tops -- Reach Out I'll Be There
  10. The Beach Boys -- I Get Around

I've had this tape for so long, I can't even estimate how many times I've listened to it. Suffice to say, I can--and gladly will--bust out with the lyrics for "Johnny B. Goode" any time, night or day. ("Any time, night or day" is part of the Everly Bros. song.) Some of these songs are better for blasting with the windows down.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure if this coupon is still good.

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