Monday, January 5, 2015

Ethno-music...: Another punk-style mix: "How's the Water?"

"How's the Water?" is another Mike Pace mix; and I think "How's the Water?" must be a reference to a funny video we made for English class once. But that's just a guess. Mike, any help?

The music selection here is a lot of 90s punk-ish bands, with punk ska influences and some harder outliers. Hopefully you can make out the bands (and the little arrow that Mike had to draw to show that he mis-wrote songs 9 and 10 on side B).

Although I'm not writing out all these bands and songs, I do want to highlight some fun bands that I still listen to now, like Rocket from the Crypt and Bouncing Souls and Blink (which is Blink 182). Also, check out the John Spencer Blues Explosion and that hard opening to side B, with Snapcase, Earth Crisis, and Roarshach, which are not light fun bands. It takes some skill to go from Earth Crisis's "New Ethic" to The Queers's "Ursula Finally Has Tits."

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