Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Ethno-music-historical...: Nick Steffen's Birthday Mix

I want to start with this picture of the tape itself since I wrote that line on the side. (The tip-off here: the mix is "to me." Thanks, close-reading skills!) I want to start with that because after Mike's and Jason's mixes, you might be under the mis-apprehension that all my friends had nice hand-writing. Well, I didn't.

Also, I never thought I'd be blogging obsessively about these mixes, so I never wrote down things like dates or thoughts at the time. If only I kept up my diary! But no, my inconsistent diaries from high school were mostly focused on girls. Hey, maybe I'll run a series of autobiographical pieces on my diaries in the future!

(Ugh, that sounds terrible.)

Side A:
  1. Screeching Weasel - Get Off My Back 
  2. - / First Day of Summer 
  3. - / You'll Be in my Dreams
  4. Clockwise - Keep it Together
  5. Texas is the Reason - Back and to the Left
  6. Lifetime - Irony is for Suckers 
  7. - / Boy's No Good
  8. Sleepasaurus - Beautiful Girl 
  9. - / Ten Again
  10. J. Church - Simple Gesture 
  11. - / Parts Unknown
  12. Propagandhi - Apparently I'm a PC Fascist
  13. - / (Liquid) Meat is Still Murder
  14. Less Than Jake - Happy Man
  15. - / 9th @ Pine
  16. Warzone - The Sound of Revolution
  17. Clockwise - She was
  18. No Redeeming Social Value - Old E
  19. - / Your Boyfriend
Side B:
  1. Chisel - It's Alright...
  2. Irony of Lightfoot - Sounds Like a Plan
  3. Ignite - Embrace
  4. - / Holding On
  5. By the Grace of God - November's Lie
  6. - / Fissures
  7. Sick of it All - Good Looking Out
  8. - / Us vs. Them
  9. Warzone - Free at Last
  10. Lickety Split - Purge
  11. New Bomb Turks - Professional Againster
  12. Me First and the Gimme Gimmes - Uptown Girl
  13. Serpico - Bullet Theory
  14. Promise Ring - Picture Postcard
  15. Sleepasaurus - April Showers
  16. Guilt - Untitled
  17. Lifetime - The Gym Is...
  18. Chain of Strength - True Til Death
Amazing how many songs you can fit on one cassette. Again, Mike, Jason, and Nick show some overlap in bands; and also some diversity in music genres. Well, I mean, if Lifetime and New Bomb Turks can be considered to be pretty far apart. 

Also, let's take a moment to bask in the warm glowing warming glow of Propagandhi's song titles. We've seen "Ska Sucks" and "The Only Good Fascist is a Very Dead Fascist"; and here we've got "Apparently I'm a PC Fascist" and '"(Liquid) Meat is Still Murder," which, what does that even mean? I'm also a big fan of their other song (titles), like "Resisting Tyrannical Government" and "And We Thought Nation States Were a Bad Idea." I don't even know those songs, but geez, what titles those Canadian punks thought of.

I also want to point out Lifetime's song "The Gym is Neutral Territory," which is a clear reference to West Side Story, not my favorite musical at the time. (I fell in love with West Side Story later, when I was in college and in France.) But when I was a senior and the literary editor of the literary magazine (under the managing editorship of... Jason Kohn), Mike Pace wrote a story (or was it an auto-biographical piece for our non-fiction magazine?) with that as the title. I balked at the obvious reference to Lifetime's song, but since the story was related to the gym, I came around.

So now the question is, do I still have copies of those magazines?

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