Saturday, February 4, 2012

A day arguing with conservatives

For some reason, I've been in a nostalgic mood this week. You know the type of the mood, where you go searching out old blog posts, reading old emails from exes, revisiting conservative websites that you used to haunt. You know how it is.

The inciting incident for me visiting this conservative website this week was the Komen-Planned Parenthood dust-up, which got a lot of good news out there eventually: a) Komen's not a great charity; b) Planned Parenthood offers lots of services (check out this collection of stories from people who PP helped out); and c) immediate pushback gets things done.

So maybe I was feeling a little self-satisfied with Komen's reversal of the bad policy that would preclude PP from getting grants. And so I visited this website that specializes in combatting liberal bias in the media to see what they would have to say.

And that was part of my Friday down the drain, replaying Twain's "Sixth-Century Political Economy" from Connecticut Yankee: just arguing the same things over and over.

The weird thing for me was that it took a while for people to come out and just say that they were opposed to abortions in all circumstances and that no good services (like STD testing or breast cancer exams) would make up for that sin.

I don't know whether to be hopeful that I could at least engage in an argument about statistics; or sad that people would engage in an argument about statistics when no numbers could ever satisfy their philosophical/theological conditions.

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