Thursday, February 2, 2012

January blogging recap

I made a deal with my friend Adrianne to blog every other day in January, partly to keep myself writing, partly to get her to write. (No pressure, Adrianne, but I enjoy your writing very much.) So, how did I do--and what did I write about?

Out of 31 days, 18 posts.

Of 18 posts, posts on:

  • Sketch comedy: 6
  • Politics: 4
  • Texas: 2
  • Meta: 2
  • Writing: 2
  • Podcasts: 1
  • Movies: 1
Of those posts, posted on:

  • Sunday: 4/5
  • Monday: 1/5
  • Tuesday: 5/5
  • Wednesday: 2/4
  • Thursday: 2/4
  • Friday: 4/4
  • Saturday: 0/4
So I really took advantage of my sketch show to pad out my count this January. (Though, to be fair, it was also on my mind; and part of me wonders if day-to-day political watching is actually counter-productive. More on that later.)

It's also curious to me that the best days for blogging are Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday. I don't know what I was doing on Saturdays that kept me from blogging, but I clearly felt bad about it on Sunday. (Or, more likely, I wrote out some of a post on Saturday night and then posted it on Sunday.)

The real mystery isn't Sunday or Tuesday--it seems clear that I missed Sunday and Monday, thus making me feel like I should post on Sunday and Tuesday. But what's with Friday? Anticipatory guilt?

Anyway, now that we're in February, I hope to write less about sketch comedy and more about other things, like politics (feh) and hobbies (meh) and secret personal histories (weh). What will you be up to in February?

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  1. Trying to unpack and make this place feel like home. Maybe blog a little but, meh.