Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Blue sky (or, Just taking up space)

I always forget to bring my phone or camera with me when I go out on walks with my dog, so I miss the chance to take pictures of anthropological interest--the bumper sticker "Jesus Didn't Tap," the pile of garbage bags full of Bud Light cans, etc. (Curious about "Jesus Didn't Tap"? I'll tell you more about that soon.)

But every once in a while, I do have my phone with me--though never my camera. (Let's be honest, for a certain portion of the population, separate "cameras" don't exist anymore. This obviously doesn't include people who attended the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies or paparazzi; but for people who used to use point-and-shoot cameras, the phone camera has pretty well replaced that. True or false?)

Anyway, in case you were more interested in natural rather than built or anthropological environment, here is a tree, denuded of much of its leaves, in front of a blue-blue-blue sky, which is mostly what we have here.

How does this make you feel?

It makes me thirsty. (But, to be honest, I'm posting this because a) I want to try out Picasa's blogging function and b) I'm getting ready for my trip to Chicago.)

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  1. I <3 camera phones. The Photo Center here regularly offers classes on iPhone camera composition. THE FUTURE!