Tuesday, January 31, 2012

So many things to talk about!

I've felt this way before--I've felt that I had lots of topics that I wanted to cover on my blog--and it's fizzled out in the past. I make up lists of possible topics; I pepper old posts with promises that the next post will cover topic X; and then... nothing.

But this time I mean it! Upcoming post topics include
  • something on Florida probably;
  • a recap of January's blogging, along with a secret or not-so-secret pact;
  • a penultimate comment on what I learned turning sketches on paper into sketches in the real world (hopefully with accompanying video)...;
  • to be followed much later by a final comment on the show and future writing-related plans;
  • a recap of my trip to Chicago;
  • and possibly more! Or less! Let's not commit ourselves too early.
I would cover one of those topics, but I'm a little tired and achy from my trip back from Chi. See, I was supposed to get in last night, but I missed my flight, so they sent me this early morning. And all my lack of sleep and water has finally caught up with me.

But tomorrow we'll get back to real blogging. Or ersatz blogging. We'll see.

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