Friday, January 27, 2012

You're getting Chicago and you're getting Chicago, everyone's getting Chicago

I've been trying to post every other day at least, but I've recently fallen off the wagon because of my trip to Chicago. It's not that Chicago is inherently distracting; but coming back has been a strange mix of shocking and boring. (It's not that Chicago is boring--it's that I'm boring. Remember your Buckaroo Banzai: Every where you go, there you are.)

Wednesday was mostly travel, flying from San Angelo, through Dallas, to O'Hare. I'm staying with busy friends, so we mostly ate and hung around. Luckily, besides my self-medication (2 games of insane-level Sudoku), I also have a giant book to read for a Kirkus review. So I have plenty to keep me busy.

Until today, that is, when I have the closing show of my cowritten sketch revue. As you may know, I've been flogging the hell out of that show on Facebook. ("Flogging the hell out of" = posting twice a week. I just don't like self-promotion, so it feels like hell.) And I had no compunction about telling people to come.

Until I realized that some of my best friends in Chicago are going to come tonight--they bought tickets and everything. (Note: I don't get any of that money. Damn.) So now I've got friends coming to see the show and I care about their opinions. So now I'm nervous and can feel my heart fluttering.

Alternately, I could have an elevated heart rate because of the coffee that I'm drinking.

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